About Us


Our Story

Team RedCon was founded out of the desire to offer its expertise to the Federal Government.  The founding members of this organization have already made a very successful career and a company that services private and State/Local Government for the same services but based on the specific needs, desires, and intricacies of federal government contracts Team RedCon was founded.

Additionally, Team RedCon has a renowned focus on Disaster Relief.  Team RedCon is uniquely positioned to offer its help and experience in the time when people most need it.  This comes with its services of construction and project management but also its unique aviation assets to allow for work to be accomplished in a remote environment.


What We Offer

We Understand Requirements

Team RedCon is dedicated to delivering to the needs and desires of all customers. We are committed to meeting the deadlines and demands of any contract that we are in a position to execute on.

We Work Safely

Team RedCon is focused on maintaining a safe workplace and takes OSHA and other regulatory guidelines seriously. We implement various company policies that meet or exceed the industry standard and will adapt to meet the needs of any customer or client.

We Deliver Best Output​

Team RedCon is focused on delivering a quality product or service. Here at Team RedCon look and strive to do this ahead or on schedule while staying to budgetary expectations.

What we Stand For

REDCON stands for Readiness Condition.  Here at Team RedCon, we have adopted this term and specifically tailored it for our industry and the customers we serve.  This is especially important while management many large projects and even of greater significance when we perform Disaster Relief Missions.

Army Policy (FM 71-1)

REDCON levels allow quick responses to changing situations and ensure completion of necessary work and rest plans. The commander uses the REDCON status as a standardized way to adjust the unit’s readiness”

Team RedCon Policy

“Team RedCon has adopted a level of readiness to allow for the necessary safe completion of work.  We use REDCON levels as a way of prioritization and asset management to better serve our customers’ needs.”

Our Expert Team

Stephan Stanfill

Chief Project Officer

Cody Oakes

Chief Financial Officer

Travis Morris

Chief Safety Officer

Michael Furmanski

Chief Executive Officer

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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