Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Team RedCon is dedicated to assuring you can remain safe and secure in your homes while a storm or other emergency has been declared.  We work to mitigate risks and further damages that may be caused by a natural disaster.

Before a storm

Team RedCon can help with preventative measures to prepare for a storm or other natural disaster. To keep you safe and mitigate costly damage to your home.

During a Storm

Team RedCon is dedicated to assisting you during a natural disaster and the aftermath as well. We can help assist in preparation for a second surge or help get you to safety.

Rebuilding Efforts

As always Team RedCon can help you to rebuild your damaged properties and assets and return to a normal life.

Aviation Assets are Available

Team RedCon has strategic partneships that can offer Aviation services and other aerial supports durn=ing a disaster.  Team RedCon can be a single point of contact for before, during, and after a natural disaster making it easier for large or small contracts or needs.


Aircraft Available:

  • Bell 412 & 212
  • MD500
  • UH60
  • Kodiak
  • King Air